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Call me "Bushy." I am currently studying Graphic Art in my final year in high school. So, I love drawing and a lover toward video games but I am not to kin in first person shooters. I only focus on the stories and gameplay. Now
I am learning how to draw digital and starting a web comic.

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Okay, so a lot of people have sent asks about how to clean scanned lines.  I used some lines JR just sent me since he actually has dirtier scans than I normally do, to illustrate how easy it is to clean any quality of scan as long as you a) have it inked and b) your underdrawing wasn’t done in ink.

okay so first things first.  Scan your image - scan at 300dpi at least or 600dpi optimally assuming you can.  MAKE SURE TO SCAN IN COLOR!!!  Even though its a black and white picture you need that color in order to do our first step!.

Step 1) ctrl + U - bring yourself to the hue and saturation sliders.  What you want to do here is press alt+2, alt+3, etc etc to bring up each individual color channel.  Drag the lightness value on all of those to 100% until the bottom rainbow bar there is ALL white.  This will, for the most part, erase all colored lined you used to pencil your piece.  Even if you literally used pencil this is a great step that will oftne times halve the value of the grey line.

Step 2) ctrl + L - now that your colored lines are knocked the fuck back it’s time for levels.  you want to drag the black slider to a point where the lines you want black are 100% black, and there isnt any crunchy edges being made by stuff you don’t actually want from it.  Likewise the white slider needs to moved so that you get rid of all unwanted lines, while still retaining the quality of the black inks.  There should be 2 giant hills, 1 for black 1 for white, and generally you wanna place your marker at the peaks of each of these.

Step 3) Image>Mode>Grayscale - next you want to change your file type to greyscale.  Since these are only the lines (and we’ll most likely be copying them over to another file anyways) we don’t need any color.  Plus we got rid of color prior anyways, but more importantly this is for the next step.

Step 4) Go to channels on the layers menu and select the only channel there if it isn’t already selected.  At the bottom of your channel box youll notice 4 icons.  The very first 1 is a circle made of dotted lines.  That’s the “Load Channel As Selection” prompt.  Click that and you will have all the whites of your image selected.

Step5) swap to a tool like M that is a selection tool.  Right click the image and chose the prompt “Select Inverse”, which will basically swap us from being selected on the whites to selected on the blacks.  Now click G for the bucket tool, make a new layer, turn off the old layer, and bucket drop black in there.

Tada motherfucker!  You’re all done and now have your cleaned lines on a transparency, ready to be put on the top of your file for coloring.  Now you can easily a) color underneath those lines w/o disturbing them and b) lock transparent pixels on those lines in order to color them.

There!  Now no one ever ask me again about this haha ^_- just refer to this guide (unless of course anything is confusing - then go ahead and ask)

And I helped!

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every. damn. day.

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Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

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So I got my copies of volumes 1 & 2 of Led By a Mad Man and LOOKIT THESE CUTIES OH MY GOD!!!

Who wants to make an AU zine now? Oh my god it’s me. These are too fantastic, EVERYTHING IS TOO FANTASTIC.

So many reasons to love LBaMM. Thank you Vi!

Oh!! I’m glad you like it! I had a lot of fun making paper dolls for everyone, but it was exhausting as shit. Haha.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their copies as well! 


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AaAAahhhhhhhottoys Raiden!!!! $299

But like
Seeing him IRL his face and eye is amazing but the rest feels like higher quality PAK Raiden… So I’ll pass unless inferno armor 808


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Hey lil mama, lemme whisper in your ear. #robin #batman #batgirl #cosplay #lilmama #barnesandnobles @dkeynote and Than Medlam.

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We’re safe here. #batman #robin #batgirl #dc #comics #cosplay HAPPY BATMAN DAY 75TH ANNIVERSARY @dkeynote as Robin and Than Medlam as Batman.

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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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Does anyone watch Mushishi? Because ughhhh <3 you all need to watch this lovely, lovely show…

*side note, this was mostly drawn before my tablet crapped out..still working on a fix, but i figured I’d finish this…*

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